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Officer Clan Badge Sgian Dubh

This type of utility knife was first used during the Crimean War and it is also recorded to have been used in the Boer War. The Officer Sgian Dubh originally featured a corkscrew and a hasp, for removing stones from horses hooves.

Today, we have substituted the hasp with a bottle opener. Handmade in Scotland featuring an etched steel blade, leather sheath and brass trimmed hardwood handle displaying your chosen Clan Crest.

The Gaelic Themes Clan Crests Range is the largest of its kind worldwide, and all designs are copyright protected.

This collection of 200 Crests are the latest approved by the Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs and all are uniquely handmade in Scotland. If you have no clan affiliation, you may prefer to choose one of our Generic designs, including; Lion, Thistle, St. Andrews Crest and Piper

Item Code:SD3ASS3
Cost: $191.12